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Key Biscayne Elevated Homes

Posted on 12/02/2023 to General
Blog Entry Photo of Key Biscayne Elevated Homes

                      (760 Glenridge Rd home above is listed for sale at $3.995M and has over 4,000 sqft of living area)


5 compelling reasons to invest in an eleavated home on Key Biscayne

1. Exquisite Coastal Living: Elevated homes on Key Biscayne offer a unique blend of upscale living and a tight-knit community. Nestled in a friendly neighborhood, these homes provide a luxurious lifestyle with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


2. Resilience to Climate Events: Key Biscayne is susceptible to weather events, and elevated homes are designed to withstand flooding and storm surges. Investing in such properties ensures a higher level of resilience, safeguarding your investment against potential climate-related risks.


3. Appreciating Property Values: The prestige and limited availability of elevated homes contribute to a strong appreciation in property values. Key Biscayne has long been a desirable location, and investing in an elevated home positions you to benefit from the area's consistent appreciation.


4. Exclusive and Private Living: Elevated homes often come with 75x100 lots and lush landscaping, providing an exclusive and private living experience. Enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings and the camaraderie of friendly neighbors, creating a sense of community that is a hallmark of Key Biscayne living.


5. Limited Supply and Increasing Demand: The limited supply of elevated homes on Key Biscayne, coupled with the increasing demand for premium coastal properties, makes these homes a rare find. With a minimum price of $4 million, entering this market now positions you ahead of the curve as it becomes more challenging to secure such properties in the future.


Contact James Salas to preview the few remaining  elevated homes on Key Biscayne.




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